What is Escribana

ESCRIBANA is a new communications consulting agency to support women, their organizations, institutions and movements and to document their personal and collective experiences. 


The dispersion and fragmentation of media and information today, coupled with the “transparentization”[*] of women, their organizations and movements in public policy, media and communication technologies threaten women’s ability to impact the public agenda and to express their actions in their own words, voices and framing.

*[Being “transparent” is be present, but not taken into account in our own terms, i.e.,  presence but no power].

Escribana works to counter one of the most powerful and dangerous hegemonic beliefs today: That the dominant system is only one way that society can function.

To help develop the capacity of women, their organizations, institutions and movements to creatively express their actions, experiences and visions.   ESCRIBANA seeks to creatively express the vision that the current hegemonic model is not the only or the best.  The organization works to highlight the paradigms, models, and practices of women, which have evolved from a diversity of approaches.

ESCRIBANA has created an independent blog designed to interact virtually, and also facilitates workshops, courses, and consultancies in a variety of locations and contexts.
For more information write to maria.escribana @ gmail.com

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