Professor Margaret Thompson receives Master Educator Award at University of Denver


                                                                                                    María Suárez Toro, Escribana

On 18 May, the teacher and colleague of Escribana, Margaret Thompson, was awarded the William T. Driscoll Master Educator Award 2012 at the University of Denver, where as an associate professor she has taught international and intercultural communication for the past 23 years.

The award is given annually to a professor at the institution in Denver, Colorado in recognition for her or his professional work in education, and selected by students and teachers who nominate and vote for the candidate whose qualities and experience most deserve the award.

Among the letters of nomination, a student stated that “[she] believes our experiences are worth sharing.  She encourages the exchange of ideas, past experiences and cultural dialogue.  For me as an Arab/American, Margie created a safe space in which I was valued for my differences.  My differences were used as tools to educate, engage, and explore and I never felt marginalized, silenced or excluded.”

A faculty colleague said that Margie is a wonderful academic and media activist who uses her time outside the classroom to help “groups of people from marginalized communities to use media to tell their stories and encourage change in their situations.”

A graduate student said, “She is a committed teacher with each student to help them find their passion… She has been an irreplaceable advisor and mentor to me and is well deserving of formal appreciation by the University of Denver.”

An associate professor and colleague, Renee Botta, who is also chair of the Dept. of Media, Film and Journalism Studies in which Margie teaches, said that “the school is fortunate to have her for her concern for each student.”

“[It is] very well deserved and we are thrilled that she has received the award,” said Diane Waldman, former chair of the department. Likewise, a former faculty colleague who once shared with Margie the coordination of the MA in International and Intercultural Communication (IIC), Mary Jane Collier, said that for the decade she worked with her, she was “a colleague who has shown her mastery of intercultural communication.”

The Master Educator Award 2012 was announced at the Pioneer Awards Ceremony held at the Newman Center for the Fine Arts on the DU campus, and was one of several awards given to students and faculty who have excelled in their academic achievements and careers.


The name of the award to Margie is in memory of William T. Driscoll, a prominent biologist who was former Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Denver. It has been awarded annually to full-time, part-time and adjunct faculty and staff and since 1984.


Escribana commends Margie for receiving the award, and also applauds her 16 years of committed collaboration with several feminist activist communications projects in the region, including Feminist International Radio Endeavour (FIRE), Petateras Mesoamericanas and more recently as part of the pool of journalists and communicators of Escribana.

We have witnessed her extraordinary capacity, sensitivity and intercultural/international communication skills in our region and with women in the world.

To contact Margie, write to

To read her most recent journalistic work about women in the Mesoamerican and North American region, go to



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