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Gender & communication course for Haitian radio women starts with historic stories of feminist journalists

By Margie Thompson & María Suárez Toro

October 7, 2011

Weaving together the historic and courageous experiences of the first Haitian feminist journalist, an African American woman leader in the US Civil Rights Movement, and a feminist activist and journalist during the French Revolution, two Haitian community radio journalists worked with ESCRIBANA to complete a gender & communication course, September 25-30, 2011. 

Sainte-Helene Alcena (left) and Marie-Guyrleine Justin of REFRAKA from Haiti (Photo by Margaret Thompson)

 Marie-Guyrleine Justin and Sainte-Helene Alcena of REFRAKA (Women’s Network of Community Radios of Haiti) spent one month in Playa Cocles, on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica to learn Spanish and take the ESCRIBANA course offered by María Suárez Toro, Margie Thompson and Yarman Jiménez.  However, all agreed that rather than a regular class, it was more of an intercultural exchange experience with all participants and instructors learning from each other.

Through this interactive process, the course was designed to enable Justin and Alcena to develop a gender policy for REFRAKA that will encompass four levels of analysis, including the place of Haiti in the world; the place of women in Haiti; the place of women in community radio; and women’s bodies and lives in their personal history.  Leer el resto de esta entrada »


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